I was unaware of the fact that you could add a profile introduction to your GitHub account, which enhances your Github account in a really well-organized manner.

This feature is really easy to use and makes your profile really interactive.

How to?

  1. Make a new repository and name it in the exact same way as your Github profile name, make sure all uppercase and lower case letters are the same. Hint if you type the exact same name Git displays this to you :

There is a growing trend towards NoSQL Databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc. But what are these and how do they differ from traditional MySQL?

Database Image

What do we learn in this Blog?

  1. What is MongoDB
  2. Using MongoDB with Python using pymongo.

Let us get started: Introduction

What is MongoDB :

This is an example to get started with Series data reconstruction with LSTM AUTOENCODERS.

To Define in basic terms an Autoencoder works in this way it takes an input sample, extracts all the important information (called as a latent variable), which also helps in eliminating noise, and reconstructs back the input at the output with the help of the latent variable.

Let us Directly dive into the code base as there are several videos and blogs available telling in-depth about what LSTM and Autoencoders are.

Example Blogs: https://towardsdatascience.com/step-by-step-understanding-lstm-autoencoder-layers-ffab055b6352

Adnan Karol

Full-Stack Data Scientist

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