Connecting MongoDB With Python

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  1. What is MongoDB
  2. Using MongoDB with Python using pymongo.
  1. Whenever we speak about Database (DB) there is one common DB that comes to mind — MySQL. This is a Relational Database. These basically use tables to describe the relationship between data.
  2. On the other hand, are NoSQL database which doesn't use a table for describing the relationship, rather they can use document-based, key-value pairs, etc. Moreover, unlike SQL, they have a dynamic schema, while SQL has a well-defined schema.
pip install pymongo
pip install dnspython
# Install driver for python to connect to MongoDB
import pymongo
from pymongo import MongoClient
client = MongoClient("Enter your connection string")
# Print Name of all Databases
print("\n The Name of all Databases are : ")
# Connect to a Database
db = client.database_name
# Print Name of all Connections in the Database
print("\n The Name of all Connections in the Database are : ")
collection = db.collection_namequery ={
for document in collection.find(query):
{“tag1”: True, “tag2”: False, “tag3”:” Adnan”, “tag4”: 5}




Full-Stack Data Scientist

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Adnan Karol

Adnan Karol

Full-Stack Data Scientist

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